Sponsorship and Donations for an Olde Tyme Cause

We would like to acknowledge the following groups and organisations for the generous donations that were received on the event day.


Blue Moon Water and Geothermal – Russell, MB

They donated 5 large cases of water which kept the 500 volunteers hydrated throughout the day.

Western Producer - Saskatoon, SK

Donated lanyards for all staff.

Flood The Stone – Yorkton, SK

Performance donated.

Park Swingers Square and Round Dance Club - Yorkton, SK

Performance donated.


IV’s Rental - Russel, MB

Donated a gift certificate for the auction with a value of $250

Hewson’s Enterprise - Angusville, MB

Donated a gift certificate for the auction with a value of $250

Potters People (Carol and Mel Schaab) – Langenburg, SK

Donated a piece for the auction with a value of $350

Mable and Wilf Mund – Langenburg, SK

Donated a painting for the auction valued at $350

16 West Clothing Company – Langenburg, SK

Gift basket for the auction with a value of $350

Terry Andrews – Langenburg, SK

Donated a camper for the stage – $250 value

Feedback Pours in as the Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger Spirit Remains

We would like to thank people again for their continued support and the generous donations that have been received since the idea of Olde Tyme Harvest began last year.

We would also like to acknowledge the positive feedback that we are receiving from everyone.  Its truly gratifying and humbling to know that your folks had an amazing time on the day.  Here are some comments which people are sending us.

If you would like to send us feedback and continue showing your support then you can emails us at  othh2013@hotmail.com and we’ll upload your comments to the website.

Thanks again.

Cheryl & Fred - Security Team

“Fred and I were very privileged to be a part of The Harvest for Hunger.  Hats off to all the people who did  ALL the planning of this event and all the hard work to get it off the ground. My feeling about this day was  absolutely fantastic. There was not on flaw in the whole day or the layout of the site. Everyone I talked to was having a super time  and were very glad that they had attended.

 My Dad who is 86  was there for the whole day and he was tickled pink to see all the threshing machines doing what he loved to do when he was young. Brought back a lot of memories for him. He in fact told me on Sunday that he did not sleep well on Saturday night as he was threshing most of the evening in his sleep.

Congratulations to all  of you for a job well done”

Cheryl & Fred  Peppler.


Erin Petrichuck – Syngenta

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of Congratulations on a fantastic event. 

I cannot imagine the hundreds of hours that went into creating such an amazing event, but you guys and the rest of the organizing committee did a fantastic job.  It was an event of a lifetime and myself and my older daughter will remember it forever.  Thank you for bring history back and for making history at the same time.

Syngenta and myself where very proud to be a very small part of the day.

Thank you for all you did and I am sure that you were able to raise a significant amount of funding for Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Thanks and have a great fall”




Harvesting for the Hungry

Thousands of farmers and their families got together at the Langenburg Festival to show off antique thrashers, as well as raise money for Canada’s Food Grains Bank. Alison Hall reports. Video from Global News

A World Record for the Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger Cause

We did it folks,  we made a World Record of 41 Threshers for operating at the same time.  This momentous feat could not have been reached without our Sponsors, Supporters, Friends of the Event and the people who brought these machines from across the prairies to participate in such a worthy cause.

A special thank you to all of you including members of the public who had traveled far and wide, with some even from Florida, California and Wisconsin.  You made the impossible, possible & from everyone’s support and generous donations that have been received & collected during yesterdays event you’ve all helped make a difference in reducing food hunger for poverty stricken countries across the globe.

We are also pleased to announce that this event alone raised more money for the Canadian Food Grains Bank than any other previous event. We are extremely grateful for all of your donations.

It was an extremely humbling experience watching these 41 threshing machine slowly powering up, imagining what agricultural life would have been like for our for fathers and how far we have come since then.

A huge thank you to everyone again for making this historic and worthy cause come true.


For further details and other news from the event please check out Esterhazy Online at:


The Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger Team – August 2013

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OperatorThresher_1 WagonThresher Line Up


Binding and Stooking Success

The Binding and Stooking which took place in Churchbridge on Monday and finished Tuesday was a complete success.  We would like to thank those who took time off from work or just gave up their free time to provide a lending hand.  It was great seeing the community coming together.

Now that we have a field of stooks drying in the field we need volunteers again!!  On Monday 19th we need folks to come and help the Hunger for Harvest Team load stooks onto the Wagon’s just like are fore fathers did those many, many years ago.  We want people to experience and get a sense as to what harvest would of been like before we had the use of present day technologies and most of all we want you to have fun.

The Wagon loading is located east side of Churchbridge, (near Wojo’s gas bar) south of #16 highway commencing at 4pm – 8pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.


DSC_4669 DSC_4681 Screenshot_2013-08-15-12-03-16-1_2





Weeks Away For The Olde Tyme Harvest Show

It’s been an unbelievable month with new sponsors, volunteers and acts wanting to provide their support for this world-record event and noble cause.

As most of our followers through Twitter and Facebook will know we were pleased to announce the release of our cool new posters which will be on display in towns throughout parts of SK and Manitoba, (see insert).  In addition to this, the big day will also be aired over the wireless during the weeks of August in the run up to the event.  Make sure your listening to either:  The Rock 98.5 & GX94 – Fox FM.  We will are also to be featured in a number of local newspapers: Russell Banner, The Miner Journal, The Four-Town Journal, The Rural Channel (TRC) and Yorkton This Week.

We were also pleasantly surprised to have received an aerial shot of the Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger ‘Corn Maize’  taken by Terry Freeman at Ken Kane Aerial Spray.  A huge thank you for this picture, the maize is coming along very well.

With only weeks away we are eagerly anticipating an amazing fun packed filled day with plenty of entertainment & farmers markets which will be suitable for all ages.

So we hope that you will come on down and be part of this historic day and help show your support for poverty stricken countries.


Promo Poster        Corn Maize

Thanks again – Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger Team

World Record and Celebrity Line Up for an Olde Tyme Cause

With only 59 days and counting we will soon be witnessing a World Record event taking place here in Langenburg, SK.  The anticipation of seeing 40 thrashing machines operating together will be an historic day in history which will excite people from all ages while bringing back memories of the ‘good olde days’ for those who used to operate these once impressive engines.

In addition, we are pleased to announce a celebrity line up for the evenings entertainment, who also won the the SK vocalist of the year award; Codie Prevost.  As part of the closing ceremony we would also like to acknowledge and welcome Kylie Muir from Langenburg as well as agriculture’s #1 comedy act Steve StubbleJumpski.

With a range of interesting events on during the day coupled with the thrashing machine demonstration this will be one heck of a show and it would be a shame for you to miss out.  So make sure you and your family are free August 24th and come and spend a fantastic day with us and help support this historic and worthy cause.

Olde Tyme Harvest For Hunger Team!


Pushing for an Olde Tyme – World Record

As news spreads of what will be a momentous event this coming August here in the town of Langenburg we are delighted to inform you all that Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger will now be pursuing a World Record.

This will be a World Record attempt for the ‘Most Antique Threshing Machines Operating Simultaneously’.  With an expected 40 threshing machines taking part, this will be an historic and worthwhile cause that you just cannot miss!

With a highly anticipated number people from all across the prairies coming together to achieve this world record this is going to be a fun-packed day out with a variety of small stands and trade show exhibits, music and food courts for you to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

So come on down August 24th and show your support for this record-breaking event and help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Celebrating Agriculture the Olde Tyme Way

Since the idea of holding such an event like Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger was created last year, we have seen overwhelming interest and support.  Young and old alike will gather from across Canada into our small prairie town of Langenburg SK, to witness history in the making.  This is an event not to be missed!

Not only will it be a fun day out for everyone it will be educational for kids and adults alike, witnessing the power of 40 impressive threshing machines from the late 18th to early 19th centuray working side by side.

It has been an incredible journey thus far and the team here at Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger are extremely humbled by the support that continues to pour in with the number of sponsors increasing by the week.   We are also extremely excited to announce that ‘Agriculture More Than Ever’ recently became a proud partner with us and look forward with working with the organisation closely to the run up of the event – keep a look out for the ‘Ag More Than Ever‘ signs along on the edges of fields near to highways.

We are still seeking more sponsors, so need your help in making this historic and memorable event possible.  Spread the word to your friends, family, businesses and come help show your support to one of the most exciting and important agricultural events to be seen in Canada.

Doing our bit for charity and feeding poverty stricken countries one field at a time…

Love Ag, Love Agriculture, Love Oldye Tyme Harvest for Hunger 2013!

The Olde Tyme Spirit

Generation after generation – here in ‘the country’ helping your neighbor has always been – just ‘what we do’.

Whether it be raising a barn, organizing a pot luck dinner or getting together to take off the crop for a sick friend, it’s something that seems to come naturally to farm – and rural folk.

Lately, I’ve been hearing rumblings about an upcoming event that once again – in a year when it seems that most small towns and municipalities around the province are celebrating 100 years or so o history – brought my mind back in time.